Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes Bishop TD Jakes and First Lady Serita Jakes

Goodness is About to Overflow in
Your Home and Relationships

Model Homes

A Special Word for You from the Entire Jakes Clan
Receive insightful wisdom from Bishop and his entire family on how God wants to supernaturally bless your home and relationships. Request the Model Homes 3-CD series with your gift in support of T.D. Jakes Ministries’ mission of spreading the Gospel. You’ll also receive the Model Homes 4-magnet set.

Go on a Guided Journey to a Blessed Household
In addition, receive the Model Homes guided journal, the Joshua 24 wooden wall art, Promises from God for Parents book, and the 4-magnet set with your gift of $90 or more. God has wisdom to usher you and your loved ones into the best years of your lives!


This Month's Offer:

This month's TV offer includes Bishop Jakes' message Model Homes message series, Model Homes guided journal, Joshua 24 wall art, Promises of God for Parentsbook and 4 magnet set.

From Bishop's Desk

Don't believe for one more moment you have been overlooked or forgotten by God. Don't believe the lie that purpose and destiny are for other people and not you. God has more in store for you. He wants to place people in your life to help you. The Body of Christ is all about the unity and connectedness that is the key to breaking through your limitations and going to the next level. Now is the time for your breakthrough!


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